About Sokhumi State University

        Sokhumi State University, which is an important part of the Georgian educational system, from 1993 continues to function in Tbilisi. It bears a century-long Georgian educational tradition of higher education and represents scientific research center, which is based on the spiritual and intellectual values of the Georgian and Abkhaz peoples.
        The Sokhumi State University is a classical educational institution, where the study is carried out on three levels (BA, MA, PhD). There are enacted 27 bachelor's, 20 master's and 11 doctoral programs in 7 faculties, as well as the Georgian Language Teaching and Teacher Training programs. Sukhumi State University is an important scientific center, where research activities are carried out by a number of internationally rated scientists. Especially noteworthy are the studies in the Kartvelian-Caucasian direction, in which University's academic and scientific institutions of the corresponding profile are engaged. Successful researches are also conducted in the directions of Economics, Education, Law, Social and Political sciences.

        The results of research activities of the University's academic staff are mainly reflected in the University's Proceedings, which are published periodically in the 4 series:
1. Humanities and Social Sciences;
2. Natural Sciences;
3. Mathematics and Computer Science;
4. Economics.

        By 2014 have been published 12 volumes of works in total and their electronic versions could be found on the University website: http://sou.edu.ge/index.php?lang_id=GEO&sec_id=170.

        The university's scientific-research works are presented as well as various periodicals: The Intercultural Communications (electronic version: http://dzagania.com/journal.html), The Education(electronic version: http://sou.edu.ge/index.php?sec_id =322&lang_id= GEO), and in the different periodicals of the institutions of Kartvelian studies, namely "Philological Parallels", " Works of the Institute of Georgian Literature ") and other collections.

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